Newcastle United's Head of Sports Science Jamie Harley shares his experience using a Catapult athlete monitoring system at his club.
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Webinar - Jamie Harley - Catapult Sports Wearable Technology 2

In 2018, FIFA announced Catapult as the first company to have its technology approved for in-match use, according to the federation’s international match standard (IMS) for electronic performance and tracking systems.

Since then, Catapult has continued to strengthen its products alongside teams like Chelsea FC, Leicester City FC, Real Madrid, FC Bayern Munich, French Football Federation, West Ham United FC, and Sweden FA.

Player monitoring technologies can help level the playing field from all corners of the world through helping athletes, teams, and organisations exceed their potential.

What is GPS athlete monitoring technology? How is it used in practice? Why should teams be adopting systems like Catapult? Newcastle United's Jamie Harley answers all of these questions and more in this exclusive webinar.

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