While the NFL, Big 12, ACC and others have returned to action, its clear to coaches, players, and fans that this season is... different.  The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted the typical workflows of team staff across the board, with coaches, GMs, and video coordinators all adapting to ensure that play can continue safely. For many of us, this means being forced to operate remotely to mitigate the risks of the pandemic without access to the tools, data, and assets we depend upon week-to-week.

In that spirit, Catapult is proud to release two new solutions for XOS Thunder, its tactics and coaching product used by the majority of NFL and NCAA coaches and staff, that enhance workplace flexibility and efficiency amid COVID-19 restrictions:

Remote Workflow

  • Greater working flexibility through remote access to team databases and video assets
  • Coaches, GMs, and Scouts can connect from home and work exactly as they do from the office
  • Always work with up-to-date data and reduce the need to attend the office or practice facility, minimizing staff exposure to Covid-19

Cloud-Based Full-Resolution Video

  • Remotely store, stream, and download video of the exact same quality available on the office network
  • Providing an enhanced and more accurate Thunder user experience

Remote Workflow and Cloud-Based Full-Resolution Video Access are exclusively available with Thunder. Get in touch with the team using the form above to see what's possible with Thunder.