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In March, we decided to create as much valuable and educational content as possible to help our users seek new learning and development opportunities as we all navigated a global health crisis. While things are still far from normal, we are wrapping up a successful webinar series and will be continuing with insightful content in other forms.

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The Webinars

Practical applications of data in the planning and development process

Presenters: John Fitzpatrick (Newcastle United Academy) & Tom Williams (Toronto FC)

Presenters John Fitzpatrick and Tom Williams discussed their experiences in elite soccer to highlight the importance of data to the planning and development process. From the creation of physical development frameworks for young players, to informing training plans with data, John and Tom outlined how objective information can have a transformative effect on practice.

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Adapt & Diversify: Remote monitoring, social media, and lessons from beyond sport

Presenters: Lauren Green (UC San Diego) & Robin Thorpe (ALTIS)

During times when we’re separated from our athletes, it’s crucial to be able to maintain contact and keep key processes in place wherever possible. With years of experience working with elite athletes across multiple sports, Lauren Green and Robin Thorpe discussed the technologies that allow practitioners to continue managing their athletes remotely, and lessons we can learn from the world beyond sport.

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Clinical Biomechanics in Elite Basketball

Presenter: Nick Potter (Duke Basketball)

This session featured a presentation by Nick Potter, Director of High Performance & Sports Science at Duke Basketball. With 15 years’ experience at one of the world’s most prestigious collegiate athletics programs, Nick demonstrated how the integration of evidence-based analysis with biomechanical enhancement and athlete management can lead to optimized performance on the court.

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Using Wearable Technology in Ice Hockey

Presenters: Pierre Allard (Montreal Canadiens) & Adam Douglas (Catapult Sports/Hockey Canada)

As a sport, hockey has a reputation for being ahead of the curve when it comes to technological innovation and athlete monitoring. In this webinar, Adam Douglas and Pierre Allard drew on their experiences working in elite hockey to showcase how wearable technology is being used to monitor performance and drive the generation of key insights across the sport.

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Sport-specific uses of wearable data in cricket and athletics

Presenters: Hannah Jowitt (England & Wales Cricket Board) & Dr. Paul Brice (Dutch Athletics)

This webinar featured presentations looking at how wearable data is being used to inform sport-specific interventions in cricket and athletics. Hannah Jowitt, International Pathways Analyst at the ECB, talked through the development of the fast bowling detection algorithm and how it is being used to inform practice in elite cricket. She was followed by Dr. Paul Brice, who spoke about how the collection of biomechanical data streams can shape sensible performance-driven conversations between athletes and coaches.

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Working in the NBA: Culture, logistics and practice

Presenters: Nathan Spencer & David Corbett (Orlando Magic)

In this webinar, Nathan Spencer and David Corbett of the Orlando Magic spoke about their experiences in the NBA with regards to both people/culture and the technical aspects of sports science. Nathan focused on the cultural and logistical challenges that he has encountered in the NBA, while David offered an insight into the way the Magic’s staff prescribe training drills using tracking data.

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Mental conditioning in elite sport, and unlocking the DNA of a winning culture

Presenters: Professor Damian Hughes (Rugby World Cup Psychologist and Author of The Barcelona Way) & Pat Ivey (Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Health and Performance at The University of Louisville)

In this webinar, Pat Ivey utilised his vast experience which includes playing in the NFL, strength coaching in college football and now overseeing all aspects of student athlete health and performance at the university of Louisville, to look at understanding the relationship between Mental Toughness and Performance, as well as the difference between discipline and accountability. Professor Damian Hughes shared his insights from his critically acclaimed book 'The Barcelona Way' to discuss the BARCA way of unlocking a performance culture.

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Planning a consolidated pre-season, and the value of performance when investing in a football club

Presenters: Tony Strudwick (Sheffield Wednesday FC & Wales FA), Chris Searle (Chelsea FC) and Omar Chaudhuri (21st Club)

With the challenges facing all practitioners across the globe, renowned practitioner Tony Strudwick guided us through his take on running a consolidated preseason. Chris Searle, Data Scientist at Chelsea FC then discussed building your own performance data system, before Omar Chaudhuri, 21st club, provided insights into the world of investors and the data driven decisions they make in investing and spending money in elite football.

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Rugby special: managing league wide competition data, injury risk in sub maximal running performance, and planning

Presenters: Dr. JohnPaul Caia (Football Technology Manager, NRL), Billy Hulin (Science and Conditioning Coordinator, St George Illawarra Dragons) and Sam Portland (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

In this rugby special, the NRL's Football Technology Manager Dr JohnPaul Caia discussed managing league wide competition data across professional rugby league. JohnPaul was followed by Billy Hulin, who gave us his view on sub-maximal running performance in elite rugby league players: associations with PlayerLoad and injury risk, before Sam Portland talked through a consolidated pre-season in rugby.

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Meaningful research in American Football, and a new return to play approach, post COVID-19

Presenters: Brian Johnson (Director of Strength and Conditioning for Football at University of Arizona) and Freddie Walker (Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at Iowa State Football)

In this webinar, we heard from two experienced practitioners in the world of college football. The Arizona Wildcats' Brian Johnson examined how to execute an effective return to play for college athletes in a post-COVID-19 world. Then Cyclones' Freddie Walker discussed how to ask the right questions to find effective solutions in college football.

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Integration of Load Monitoring for the Sport of Lacrosse

Presenters: Justin Killian (Assistant Strength Coach and Goalie Coach at Liberty University) and Tim Murray (Sports Performance Assistant Coach at Denver University)

Tim Murray (Denver Men’s Lacrosse) and Justin Kilian (Liberty Women’s & Men's Lacrosse, also serving as a Professor in Exercise Science), focused on the connection between physiology and activity load monitoring as it pertains specifically to the phases of play in lacrosse. They provided practical methods of integrating monitoring with decision-making for practices and training sessions.

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Developing early career sports scientists, interpreting data, and the changing face of learning in football science

Presenters: Prof. Craig Twist (University of Chester & European Journal of Sports Science), Dr. Jamie Highton (University of Chester & St Helens Rugby League), and Chris Neville (Southampton Solent University)

Renowned practitioner Professor Craig Twist kicked off the webinar by discussing research-informed practice vs practice-informed research, and will reflect upon developing early career sports scientists. Jamie Highton then investigated measurement error and meaningful change; interpreting data in sports science, before football science lecturer and ex-England FA Conditioning Coach Chris Neville examined the changing face of learning in football science.

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Working with the un-measurables, and transitioning from player to coach

Presenters: Michael Caulfield (Sports Psychologist) & Steven Reid (Assistant Coach, Scotland FA, and ex-West Brom, Blackburn and Millwall player and Republic of Ireland international)

One of the UK's leading Sports Performance Psychologists, Michael Caulfield, demonstrated his 25+ years experience in professional sport to discuss how to work with 'un-measurables'. He was followed by former professional player Steven Reid, and now Assistant Coach of the Scotland National Team, who will discussed his experiences and journey from player to coach.

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AFL Special: Using Athlete Tracking Data to Contextually Analyse Performance in AFL, and a case study of Tracking the Tigers

Presenters: Codey Moran (Performance Analyst and Sports Scientist at Essendon Football Club) and Brendan Fahrner (Sports Science Manager at Richmond Tigers)

In this AFL special, we heard from Codey Moran, who discussed how to use athlete tracking data to analyse and optimise performance, and Brendan Fahrner talked us through a case study of tracking the Richmond Tigers and their victorious 2019 season.

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Implementation of Tactical Analysis into the Training process at professional level

Presenters: Rui Sa Lemos & Sławek Morawski

A joint presentation in which they will expose some real cases of opponent match analysis. Rui will expose the process which he would undertake as an assistant coach to plan weekly training sessions in preparation for matches based on the tactical analysis of the opposition and his own team from both a team-wide and an individual perspective. Slawomir will add to this by using his extensive video analysis experience and advanced tools to add detail and quality to the examples and overall video analysis process.

Practical Application of Data in Basketball, and Using Wearables to Optimise Pre-Season Training

Presenters: Enrique Alonso (Intern Sports Scientist Real Madrid Basketball) & Ryan Horton (Director of Applied Science for Georgia Tech Football)

In our final webinar of the series, Enrique Alonso discussed utilising data to prepare practice sessions, focussing on some examples of load management. He also highlighted how to showcase performance stats to the coach. Ryan Horton then used his extensive American Football background to speak about match vs training demands, and how to use Catapult to run an effective pre-season.

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