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At Catapult we realize that a coach’s time and resources are important, and can’t be wasted. Coaches need to be confident that they’re using solutions which improve their team’s performances most effectively and efficiently.

Catapult is the leading provider of performance solutions to college and high school football programs as well as the NFL - providing meaningful performance data, reducing the risk of injury and establishing a framework to elevate team performances. Today, our solutions are used by 31 NFL teams, 34 NCAA Power 5 football programs and countless more colleges and high schools.

Here are a few reasons why football programs choose to partner with Catapult:

Actionable Data

Head coaches want data that can make an immediate impact. Catapult equips coaching teams and head coaches themselves with the data they need to guide training schedules and preparation for competition, whilst protecting their athletes from the risk of injury.

Ease of Use

Our solutions are designed to be implemented quickly and easily with minimal setup and technical expertise - just plug and play. We also provide world-class customer service, a collection of best practice guides, and many other resources to help you get the most out of the solution from day one.

Community & Education

Partnering with Catapult not only gives you access to the leading performance solutions in the industry, you also gain access to one of the largest growing communities with like-minded professionals, in addition to educational workshops featuring leading practitioners.

Affordable for all

We offer solutions to suit all budgets and requirements, regardless of level or size of organization. To find out which is the best fit for your program, submit your details and speak to one of our Performance Specialists.


"Within a week I saw a difference of 250 yards of sprint distance being cut down"
- Robert Pomazak, Head Football Coach St Charles North

St Charles North High School, IL adopted Catapult in 2019 to adjust their practice model and take their program to the next level. Hear more from Head Coach, Robert Pomazak, on why he believes partnering with Catapult reflected a huge return on investment:

St. Charles North High School football using Catapult

Teams already working with us

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